Favorite Restaurant Dishes 2019

These were the dishes that sang to me last year - the memory of their flavors wants to make me dance. Are they in order of excellence? Of course not - It’s all random.   Chirashi from Dragonfly Izakaya - 18 pieces chef's selection sashimi over rice. I am a fan of raw fish, so... Continue Reading →

My brother gave me a red hot Instant Pot for Christmas. Why? Why join the IP party now if it has been around for ages? Well, I have been working from home for practically the last 6 years and had the luxury of having dinner on the table no later than 7:00 pm because I... Continue Reading →

This was not an easy year for us yet we still got to go out and document restaurants as usual. Thanks, Mister B. for driving us all over the place and putting up with the eccentricities of a food-obsessed photo lover.

Geera (Cumin) Chicken

I have cooked this dish following Chef Jason Peru’s instructions and my intention for this post was to mash it up and come up with my own version, but Chef Jason is too good. Here is his original recipe. You can omit the Garlic Infused Coconut Oil and use plain coconut oil instead as it... Continue Reading →

This is a marvelous way of cooking salmon curry - easy, fast and absolutely delicious! Wok Star, Eleanor Hoh, invites you to savour this beautiful way of preparing salmon.

Cream Cheese Corn Pie

I always loved corn pie except for the fact that most of them contained eggs. I was looking for a recipe for the eggless version for a long time. Then, at a potluck at work, my boss brought this as his side dish. Below is the recipe as he gave it to me. I add... Continue Reading →

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