Preserving Food Memories

Food & Photography  Lover. Blogger.  A Grenadian Soul living in Miami.

“There is something quietly civilising about sharing a meal with other people. The simple act of making someone something to eat, even a bowl of soup or a loaf of bread, has a many-layered meaning. It suggests an act of protection and caring, of generosity and intimacy. It is in itself a sign of respect.” 

Nigel Slater

I adore the colours of food, like flowers and pure art on a plate. I love the dark, rich, delicious, exciting flavours of the things we ingest to keep us alive. If I do not take a picture of a food, how would it be preserved after it is eaten? I am crazy about deeply transformational food experiences, the beautifulness of it. Remember if you eat interesting things, then you really are what you eat.  Food, in my opinion, should not be taken for granted as it is really a gift; and as a gift, the memory of a meal should be preserved. I preserve that memory by taking a photo of it. I am a messy-real life photographer who works with natural light, holding the camera with my hands. Perfection is not the goal: an image that captures the spirit of the moment is my destination.

Lomo Saltado
Chaufa Aeropuerto
Stewed Oxtail
Smoked Salmon Tartare
Lamb Shank Byriani
Black Bean Soup – Photo by Skippers Dockside Restaurant