Caribbean Green Seasoning

This seasoning is essential in my kitchen. I add it to almost everything, from chicken to fish, to vegetables and tofu. It makes foods bright with flavor, injecting that ineffable Caribbean touch that enhances an ordinary dish and catapults it to the next level. The first person I got this recipe from was Lera Fortune.... Continue Reading →

A Bum Sandwich

I first came across this technique for making sandwiches while reading a book called “The Gastronaut” by Stefan Gates. I was so intrigued by the whole concept that I decided to try it myself Sitting on a sandwich for an hour, basically using your posterior as a low-temperature oven is what makes a bum sandwich.... Continue Reading →

Lera Fortune’s Callaloo Soup

So what is Callaloo? It is not exactly a dish that can be easily found on the menus of Miami restaurants but it is a simple, warm and nourishing soup that can be made at home. Callaloo (also spelled calalou, calaloo or kallaloo) is either a soup or a stew that is made with okra... Continue Reading →

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