Cream Cheese Corn Pie

I always loved corn pie except for the fact that most of them contained eggs. I was looking for a recipe for the eggless version for a long time. Then, at a potluck at work, my boss brought this as his side dish. Below is the recipe as he gave it to me. I add... Continue Reading →

Roasted Asparagus

When asparagus season rolls around, we indulge in them by using this recipe - it’s easy, fast and delicious. I first ran across this method on the internet, in a recipe by Laura Vitale. She uses parmesan cheese, which I love. My mother is not too keen on parmesan (she calls it “pum” cheese) so... Continue Reading →

Thai Sweet Chili Salmon

This is the perfect dish to prepare for a weeknight dinner - easy, quick and delicious. I came up with this method because I love combining salmon with sweet sauces, so why not use Thai chili sweet sauce for a change? My chickens love it so now it is on our dinner rotation regularly. I... Continue Reading →

Caribbean Corn Soup

I cannot remember how many times, after landing at Piarco International Airport in Port of Spain, we used to go straight to the Savannah to get a cup of corn soup from a vendor. Sometimes we would eat the soup right there, other times; I would take it to the hotel room and relish it... Continue Reading →

Caribbean Stewed Oxtails

Stewed Oxtail is one of my favorite things to eat. I do not make it often because it is time-consuming and not exactly the healthiest thing to have on a regular basis.  When I do make it (2 or 3 times a year), it’s an excellent treat for special occasions. This recipe is from Chris... Continue Reading →

Caribbean Green Seasoning

This seasoning is essential in my kitchen. I add it to almost everything, from chicken to fish, to vegetables and tofu. It makes foods bright with flavor, injecting that ineffable Caribbean touch that enhances an ordinary dish and catapults it to the next level. The first person I got this recipe from was Lera Fortune.... Continue Reading →

Is Ketchup The Secret of Happiness?

Mommy adores ketchup; it is almost an addiction for her. She puts on on everything from scrambled eggs to macaroni; cooking would be unfathomable without the addition of this ruby-colored condiment. I always thought it was strange - this all encompassing obsession with gloopy tomatoes, that is, until recently when I started adding it to... Continue Reading →

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