Sharing takes on a different meaning here. Zuma’s Izakaya concept means that each diner partakes of all the offerings on the table and leaves more than satisfied.   This restaurant is situated at the edge of Brickell Avenue, overlooking the Miami River. It features indoor & outdoor seating, an open robata grill kitchen and a... Continue Reading →

Surprises make everyday life exciting and walking into this restaurant was like opening a door into a culinary adventure that takes you to Southeast Asia. Khong River House managed to transport the flavors of the countries that surround the Mekong River to Miami Beach.   Upon entering the Khong River House, the coziness, aromas and... Continue Reading →

Rice House of Kabob – A Persian Grill

A Persian Grill in the middle of Kendall? We certainly had to check this place out. We walked in on a Saturday afternoon to have a quick lunch and to try something new. Rice House of Kebab was decorated simply and tastefully, with photographs of food on the wall and wooden furniture - oddly elegant... Continue Reading →

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