Masala Eats Miami is 6 years old!

My website, Masala Eats Miami, is a serious hobby. Is serious because it involves 3 of the things I like to do most: eat, take pictures of the food eaten, and writing about the experience. This hobby requires thought and time - it’s a process. After 6 years, I have 1200 followers to whom  I... Continue Reading →

Thai Sweet Chili Salmon

This is the perfect dish to prepare for a weeknight dinner - easy, quick and delicious. I came up with this method because I love combining salmon with sweet sauces, so why not use Thai chili sweet sauce for a change? My chickens love it so now it is on our dinner rotation regularly. I... Continue Reading →

Granddaddy’s Farm Fresh Market

On a sunny Saturday morning, I was in a dark mood - too many things going on around me that seemed totally out of my control. I had to get out of the house, stop brooding and do something pleasant and cheap. I needed some onions and potatoes, so I knew exactly where I needed... Continue Reading →

Favorite Restaurant Food 2018

2018 was yet another challenging year filled with a whole heap of roller-coaster moments that I was able to endure mostly because I am able to put the negative into separate compartments. I am also a genius when it comes to magical thinking- always assuming that in the end, everything will be alright or as... Continue Reading →

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