The Spice Hoarder

Once upon a time, there was a lady called Masala who collected spices, all types of spices from many different countries. She had bottles and boxes of exotic spices, so many that they were exploding from her cupboard and she had to start storing them in extra masala dabbas. Miss Masala thought about spices and... Continue Reading →

The Journey From Slim To Fluffy

I was born with a hyperactive metabolism and always took it for granted that this state of affairs would last forever. I could eat extraordinary amounts of food without gaining an ounce in weight and doing zero exercise. Life was good. Life was full of food and no matter how much I ate; I was... Continue Reading →

Farewell Lunch With Mister H.

One of my Dining Companions is leaving Florida. I have known him for many, many years and he has always supported my maniac obsession with taking pictures of food. I met Mister H. at work in 2005. We were teammates and sat in adjacent cubicles. In the beginning, it was all work, work, work. Little... Continue Reading →

Taking It Personally

As a food lover, I have always tried to expose my children to different types of food in order to educate their palates. Sometimes I feel that I have failed completely. In the pre-mother days, I had dreams of cooking everything from scratch – breastfeeding and then after pureeing beets, spinach and asparagus to make... Continue Reading →

Culinary Legacy

When I was growing up, I was my mother’s little sous-chef in the kitchen – chopping, peeling, dicing, creaming butter and sugar for cakes, frying plantains, among other things. All these little tasks contributed to my ever-growing love affair with food. As humans, we all have to eat. Some people see food as just fuel,... Continue Reading →

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