The Art Of Eating

Many people view eating as the most pedestrian of activities, in the same category of sleeping, walking, breathing. Basically as something one must do to survive. That is true, we must eat, but we can do it with some reflection and intelligence . If we think and savor the feelings that accompany a good meal or a tiny bite of food, I believe that we can appreciate the simple act of eating and give it a place of honor in our everyday lives.

So why a blog about mostly food? Why take so many pictures of something we must ingest everyday in order to survive?

I love observing the world we live in. Music & flavours , everyday happenings , books & reading, sleep, chicken, cooking, interior design, art, cilantro, travel, love, masala chai, people-watching, flowers, fragrances, staring at people and things, coconut milk.  Looking at real life, like an anthropologist.  I am especially fond of food as it is essential for life and must be celebrated.

Food is what makes us walk, breathe, think, wake up in the morning; it keeps us warm when it is cold and cools us down when it is hot. It feels like a heartfelt hug when we are alone and enriches the presence of loved ones when we sit at a table and share it.

We miss food when it is not there and the simple whiff of a familiar dish can bring on a flood of memories from childhood, the smile of your aunt, a picnic on the beach or the joy of a first date. It fuels not only our body but also our imagination.

So why wouldn’t I take a picture of something so important? It took a while for people to understand my obsession with carrying a camera to every restaurant I go to. But they get it now.

If I do not take a picture of a food, how would it be preserved after it is eaten? Memories of meals prepared, shared, of laughter over a burnt roast, of tears shed and conversations that changed our lives will last even longer if you take the time to snap a photo of what was eaten when these things happened.

So take photos of your food and share them. After all, it is part of your history and you would not want that to end up in a toilet bowl without being recorded, would you?



For the love of Fried Chicken
For the love of Fried Chicken