You Can Take Me Out Of Grenada, But You Can’t Take Grenada Out Of Me

I have been living in Miami for ages and it is a place that I have learnt to love and appreciate. Sometimes, I do miss things that are unique to my island and one of those things is the color and vibrancy of the Market Square in St. George’s.

1196911183_6399b2eb49_oThis market is fun, flamboyant and a little treacherous all at the same time. The color can blind you, the heat can leave you panting and some of the vendors are simply over-the-top with their sales tactics. Nevertheless, it is worth a visit, especially early on a Saturday morning.


Most of the produce can be found here in Miami, especially around the Homestead area, but it just looks different, smells different.

I have to visit again soon so I can take more pictures and taste Grenada.

Oh Lord, I am being nostalgic today.



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