A World of Wine and Flavors at La Bottega by Carmen Trigueros in Coconut Grove

La Bottega by Carmen Trigueros is part of the Grove Garden Trilogy of restaurants, situated around a charming court-garden setting at 3540 Main Highway, Coconut Grove, including Calamari Italian Restaurant, and Taurus, the Grove’s most legendary Bar.

la bottega inside

La Bottega is what Italians call an “enoteca sociale,” a relaxing venue where one can experience instant gratification by shopping for, uncorking and enjoy extraordinary wines from boutique vineyards, and enjoying them with charcuterie, tapas and entrees.

inside la bottega

la bottega 3

sitting outdoors at La Bottega

la bottega outside

The hallmark of the intimate setting is a state-of-the-industry open kitchen, right on premises, where guests can pull up a banquette to the counter and watch cooking that celebrates the tradition of well-being found in the Mediterranean lifestyle, combining the ingredients of Italy, Provence, and Spain’s Basque region together with a dash of Miami’s own Latin flair.

Enjoy a variety of well-chosen wines
Enjoy a variety of well-chosen wines

The result is a versatile array of culinary offerings, from freshly concocted tapas to enjoy with wine, to elegant multi-course dinners served in the intimate secluded dining room at La Cava, the private membership wine club situated, literally in La Bottega’s exclusive wine cellar.

Octopus Salad
Octopus Salad
The very best Filet Mignon
The very best Filet Mignon

Fresh ingredients are the key to the amazing flavor of the dishes.

only the freshest ingredients are used

baby carrots

Chef Carmen Trigueros
Chef Carmen Trigueros

La Bottega is a place to relax with friends and wine enthusiasts, mingle, sample wines, and taste culinary delights.

issa at la bottega-2

La Bottega by Carmen Trigueros

3540 Main Highway

Coconut Grove, Florida 33133

T: 305.444.3493


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