Tomatoes and Tamales at Placita Los Girasoles

Placita Los Girasoles is a fruit and produce market in the Redlands area of Miami. It also offers some great tamales and sweet corn served with butter, mayonnaise, salt, chili powder, Parmesan cheese and hot sauce on the side.

Placita Los Girasoles copy



a frog for good luck!


placita los girasoles 2

tomatoes for sale

roasting sweet corn

smoking cigar

talk about informal




family waiting for food

little rides

chicken on the loose

This is an ideal place to get fresh fruits and vegetables and have a quick bite. It is very, very, very informal, with chickens walking around and flies occasionally trying to share your food with you. It reminds me of the little markets you find in Central America, tucked away behind bushes on the side of the road.

I love it.

Placita Los Girasoles

15970 Sw 177th Ave.

Miami, FL 33196

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