Trains, Trains Everywhere – Gold Coast Railroad Museum, Miami

This is my first post featuring not only food but interesting places to visit in Miami.  This museum is extra-special as it is full of nostalgia and is the perfect destination for railroad enthusiasts.

main train

When I told my chickens that we were going to a museum they were not very happy. Once they got there though, they were thrilled to be able to actually go inside the trains; all had a good time and we learnt something in the process.

issa & yazzy on the train

issayazz on the train

yazzy on the train

The Gold Coast Railroad Museum  is more than 50 years old. Expansion of the Zoo Miami’s master plan is hoped to increase the museum’s attendance and importance as an educational destination for students, residents and visitors. As the museum continues to expand and grow, it strives to reach out to more community members and rail enthusiasts, to educate and enlighten everyone.

3277097039_81df2fbc9d_o copy

little train

old metro rail trains

sleep on the train






watch your step


After all that exploring we went to lunch somewhere in The Hammocks. I promised myself to keep this blog positive so I will not comment on the food and the restaurant will remain nameless.

The photos speak for themselves.

scrambled eggs

bistek encebollado


inside latin hacienda

yazzy eating

 The Gold Coast Railroad Museum is worth a visit. It’s a special place, almost magical. Early in the morning is best, so you don’t get too hot.

inside the train  

Gold Coast Railroad Museum

12450 S.W. 152nd Street

Miami, Florida 33177-1402

Phone: 305 – 253 – 0063

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