A Greek Feast In South Beach – Poseidon Greek Restaurant & Outdoor Lounge

Phil and Norma were once again in town and they suggested a Greek restaurant in Miami Beach and the experience was quite a celebration of Mediterranean flavors.

Poseidon sign

It was a cool and breezy afternoon so sitting outside was the obvious choice. The dishes were all new to us and we did not know what to order.

Norma & the chickens

Phil took the lead and asked for Saganaki Kefaloturi (pan seared cheese flambéed with Greek koniac metaxa), Melitzanosalata – Eggplant Dip with pita, Mediterranean Octopus (roasted octopus with lemon oil sauce) and Spetzofai Greek sausage. All the dishes were good, especially the octopus which was tender, lemony and just lovely.

Saganaki Kefaloturi

Melitzanosalata - Eggplant Dip with pita

Greek Sausage

greek sausage


eating sausage


mediterranean octopus

cutting the octopus

The Lamb Chops was another winning dish – herby, soft and accompanied by generously sized fries.

lamb chops

Miss Y. ordered the Bifteki Gemisto which was a Greek version of hambuger patties, also served with a lavish amount of Greek fries.

bifteki gemisto

I had the Moussaka – roasted eggplant, zucchini, potatoes, topped crocous kozani béchamel. It had a strong taste of cinnamon, which was delightful.


The main attraction was the Tsipoura – a whole fish that was deboned and served tableside. Tsipoura is Greek for gilt-head sea bream. It is a healthy and most importantly, a truly delicious fish. Watching it being deboned and then sprinkled with parsley, capers and lemon juice was quite a show.


medium image



medium fish

Dessert was Santorini Lava Chokolote. I just took a bite as the plate was seriously guarded by the chickens.  The taste I did get was quite sensational – deeply chocolaty and moist.

chocolate lava cake

lava cake

Poseidon Greek Restaurant & Outdoor Lounge is a place we would go back to- great service, amazing atmosphere and delicious food all served with a giant dollop of Greek charm.




Demetris Pyliotis

all had a good time

Here is a little movie that Yazzy shot and Issa edited. It shows the fish being presented.

Poseidon Greek Restaurant & Outdoor Lounge

1131 Washington Ave, Miami Beach 33139

(305) 534-4434


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