A Hearty Breakfast At The Corner Bakery Cafe, Miami

Miss G. was in town so we indulged in a colossal breakfast feast that was worth every penny.

corner bakery - the falls, miami

The All American Scrambler consisted of scrambled eggs served with apple wood smoked bacon and served with a side of fruit.

All American Scrambler
All American Scrambler

The Anaheim Scrambler was a dish of eggs scrambled with crisp apple wood smoked bacon, tomatoes, green onions and cheddar cheese, topped with avocado.

 Anaheim Scrambler
Anaheim Scramble

Baked French Toast & Eggs was a delightful plate of two massive slices of cinnamon-swirled brioche bread baked in a rich vanilla custard, served with scrambled eggs and apple wood smoked bacon.

Baked French Toast & Eggs
Baked French Toast & Eggs

Fresh Berry & Yogurt Parfait was the perfect bowl for healthy eaters – crunchy granola, low fat vanilla yogurt and fresh seasonal berries.

Fresh Berry & Yogurt Parfait
Fresh Berry & Yogurt Parfait

The Corner Bakery Cafe was definitely a bright food experience; a place we would revisit for breakfast, lunch or dinner in a heartbeat. They also have free Wi-Fi, which gives it an A+ in our books.

Their hot, tailor-made scramblers, enchanting sandwiches, family-style soups, hand-tossed salads, and indulgent desserts are made with the top quality ingredients and lots of love.

Miss G. and my chickens
Miss G. and my chickens

Corner Bakery Cafe at The Falls – Miami

8888 SW 136th Street

Suite 383

Miami, FL 33176

P: 305.235.6098


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