Breakfast At L’echon Brasserie, South Beach

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and this sumptuous mini-feast left us happy, smiling and full.

L’echon is a French brasserie that is located inside the Hilton Cabana in Miami Beach. Having brekkie here was a beautiful way to start the day. The food was so good that I promised myself to come back for lunch and maybe dinner.

outdoor brekkie


We had Eggs – two lake meadow scrambled eggs, nueske’s bacon, homestyle potatoes and  toast.


bacon, eggs & potatoes

Housemade Chocolat Chaud was irresistible!

hot chocoalte copy

Brioche French Toast tasted and smelled like cake: it was just too much happiness in a bite.


French Toast 2








L’echon Brasserie

Hilton Cabana

6261 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach, FL 33141


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