The Laura Quinn Wild Bird Sanctuary

My brother is a keen fan of wildlife and loves to be in constant contact with nature. We went for a drive to Key Largo and visited this bird sanctuary. It was a worthwhile stop. Pretty and very educational. Lots of bird poop everywhere and the massive, unblinking eyes of owls peering at you continually. Marvelous.

wild bird sanctuary

The Laura Quinn Wild Bird Sanctuary is a rehabilitation center for injured birds. It is wonderful that Laura Quinn thought of this – taking care of birds in a protective atmosphere and then releasing them back to nature once they can take care of themselves.

pelican and owl

song bird

wild bird sanctuary 2

wild bird sanctuary 10

Many of the birds we saw were missing wings or were incapable of walking because of wounded legs. Some will not be able to return to the wild because of the nature of their injuries. The center keeps them and makes sure that they have what they need for a healthy life.

Photo by Bryan Benoit
Photo by Bryan Benoit
Photo by Bryan Benoit
Photo by Bryan Benoit

I am glad that my chickens got to witness this. It is a good place to visit when in the Florida Keys – a small and delightful little heaven for birds who need a big dose of love.

wild bird sanctuary 6

wild bird sanctuary 7

wild bird sanctuary 8

wild bird sanctuary 9

wild bird sanctuary 11

wild bird sanctuary 12

wild bird sanctuary 13

wild bird sanctuary 14

She learned something new today! Photo by Bryan Benoit

The Laura Quinn Wild Bird Sanctuary

93600 Overseas Hwy, Tavernier, FL 33070



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