The Little Chicken’s Birthday At Wynwood Kitchen & Bar

She was supposed to be born on March 5th, an early birthday present for me. Instead, she decided to join us three weeks early because she was claustrophobic and was ready to see the world. My little chicken caught me off-guard – I did not think that she was fully cooked yet, but the doctor said that she was, that her lungs were ready to breathe in fresh air.

She was so tiny, just 4 ½  pounds, yet very feisty, with massive hands, hands that would slap me when she had enough to eat. She has grown up to be a powerhouse, strong in a sly way, always lost in her thoughts and ready to use her saucy words to justify her less noble endeavors. I admire this silent strength and her determination; she is the only person I know in real-life who can fly.

She recently declared her independence from me by consistently sleeping in her own bed after fourteen years. The Little chicken is growing up.

We celebrated her birthday this year at Wynwood Kitchen & Bar, a charming restaurant located within the Wynwood Walls. They serve small plates, mostly Latin American influenced. For this special day, bellow was the menu.


Ropa Vieja Empanadas – chicken, cilantro crema


Ropa Vieja Empanadas
Ropa Vieja Empanadas

Tequeños – queso fresco, empanada dough, roasted garlic crema


Queso Frito – paprika sausage, crispy cilantro, salsa rosada

Queso Frito

Skirt Steak –  chimichurri

Skirt Steak
Skirt Steak

Pan Seared Florida Fish – corn salsa, fennel & herb salad

Pan Seared Florida Fish
Pan Seared Florida Fish

Baby Octopus – lemon garlic mojo, black olives, tomatoes

Baby Octopus
Baby Octopus

Lemon-Pepper Calamari – pepperoncini, marinara

Lemon-Pepper Calamari
Lemon-Pepper Calamari

Dessert was a Tiramisu.

Overall, the food was good, nothing extraordinary delicious, but good for sure. The plates were on the small side so you should order many different dishes to feel satisfied. The service was excellent and the vibe was vibrant. Wynwood Kitchen & Bar is decidedly a place worth visiting, especially if you have guests from out of town. It was full of local and international tourists, so the feel of the place was very cool. They offer indoor and outdoor seating, have a full bar, and it is open for brunch on Sundays.





Little Birthday Chicken and her friend were happy, and that is what counts. Would I go back? Well yes, of course. 

chicken & friend


Wynwood Kitchen & Bar

2550 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127

(305) 722-8959

Later, at home. We sang Happy Birthday. It also happened to be my parent’s Anniversary.




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