Harry’s Pizzeria in Downtown Dadeland, Miami

September was not an easy month. Between Hurricane Issa and Hurricane Irma, everything seemed to be upside down. It was time to get back in the groove, relax, and have some pizza.

The reason we went to Harry’s Pizzeria was that there was outside seating and the day was cool enough to sit outdoors. It was not until I saw the menu that I realized that this was no ordinary pizza joint. The salads gave it away – no regular pizza restaurant would include watermelon radish in their salads. This restaurant was conceived by Chef Michael Schwartz – it was a relaxed and modern location to enjoy eating quick-fired pizza, snacks, fresh salads, several entrées, crafts beers and wine.

We started with the Bacon Pizza made with caramelized onion, potato, gruyère, and arugula. It was outstanding.

Bacon Pizza

We asked the waitress to recommend a delicious and pretty salad, and she suggested the Warm Brussel Sprouts and Stracciatella Salad. It was a lovely dish, the melty stracciatella and earthy Brussels was an intriguing combination of flavors.

Warm Brussel Sprouts and Stracciatella Salad

And my favorite for last – Oven Roasted 1/2 Chicken served with salsa verde and fennel salad. The chicken was unevenly roasted, some parts too charred, others barely touched by the fire. Despite that, the flavor and the texture of the chicken were outstanding and the size of the portion enough to feed two people, even though it was just half a chicken. The salad was also striking: it was the first time I tasted watermelon radish and fennel combined – it was crunchy and refreshing.

There was no salsa verde on my plate, maybe because I asked them for a pretty dish and salsa verde is a messy concoction. I really did not miss it by the way. That chicken was just sensational.

Oven Roasted 1/2 Chicken

This neighborhood American pizzeria is a winner. Will not hesitate to revisit.

Outside Seating

Harry’s Pizzeria Downtown Dadeland

8975 SW 72nd Pl,

Kendall, FL 33156



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