A Quick Peruvian Lunch


We were hungry, and I did not want to drive too far, so we ended up at the same Peruvian restaurant across the street, Aromas de Perú. This was not a leisurely lunch – we wanted to eat as much as possible in a short amount of time as the little one had a hair appointment.

We usually sit inside, but this time, we chose the outdoor option. It was a cool and breezy day so no sweating would be involved.

We sat outside

First, the Aromas Appetizer arrived  – four spectacular appetizers on one platter.  Ceviche, Chalaca Mussels, Papa a la Huancaína, and Shrimp Cocktail.

  • Papa a la Huancaína – Sliced potato, fried yuca or Peruvian corn served with Huancaína sauce. Huancaína sauce is made of queso fresco (fresh white cheese), vegetable oil, aji amarillo (yellow Peruvian pepper), evaporated milk and salt
  • Choros a la Chalaca – Mussels “Callao-style,” onions, tomatoes, cilantro, marinated in fresh lime juice.
  • Mixed Ceviche “Clasico”
  • Cocktail de Camarones – Shrimps in a special Peruvian golf sauce infused with pisco. Golf sauce is a mixture of ketchup and mayonnaise.
Aromas Appetizer

For the main course, we ordered Filete A Lo Macho – Grilled or breaded fish in an outstanding seafood sauce with a touch of aji panca infused with pisco.

Filete A Lo Macho

The little one gobbled down some chicken nuggets and fries.

We had no time or belly-space for dessert, so we skipped that. As usual, the lunch was satisfying, filling and perfect for the 3 of us and some leftovers for dinner.

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