Asian Culture Festival 2018 in Homestead, Florida

We went to the  28th Annual Asian Culture Festival that took place at Fruit & Spice Park, and it was lots of fun. This event offers a virtual day trip to Asia featuring a variety of Asian arts, crafts, entertainment, plants and exotic cuisine. I went mainly for the food and incense and had onigiri for the first time in my life after watching countless people on YouTube eating it.

This posting is mostly about the pictures – a visual story. I did not know what most of the food was. Even though we got there early, it was already full of people with some food stalls having long lines, so I did not get to taste many things. We did wallow in the beautiful aromas of all the delicious dishes surrounding us, and that was enough for me.

The Asian Culture Festival is a must visit – it is unusual, entertaining, and educational. The Fruit & Spice Park itself is lovely and open year-round – a perfect place to go to chillax and commune with nature.

Monks having lunch
Grill Master
Somebody is hungry
Fried delights
Khanom Krok

Fruit Juices
Cooking up a storm
Grilled rice and steamed coconut – both sweet dishes
Middle Eastern Food
Not sure what this was. Looked like rice in bamboo
Something fried. Chicken, ribs?
Original Spring Rolls

So pretty!

Thai fruit carvings
Food Court
Art for sale
Thai statues
Japanese dolls
Performance stage
Scoping out the fruits
Orchids for sale

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