Moon Thai & Japanese Restaurant in Kendall, Miami

Moon Thai & Japanese Restaurant is very close to where I live. For some reason we had not been there in years, too busy exploring other places, so on a rainy Saturday afternoon, we decided to have lunch in one of our old haunts.

The décor was the same, pretty as always – modern, colorful with blue lights adorning the bar. We were greeted with ample smiles and feeling the good vibes as soon as we entered.

The bar with the blue lights

As the younger chicken was with me, it was inevitable that we had to order the Fried Calamari to start. It is funny how she dislikes seafood but always makes the exception for this dish. It was a little bit on the oily side, with a fluffy batter and tons of flavor. It certainly was a hit with the little one.

Fried Calamari

Pad Thai is another favorite of hers – thin rice noodles sautéed with chicken, bean sprouts, scallions, eggs, and peanuts. These sweet, golden noodles were genuinely comforting; each bite brought a jolt of delight to the tongue. It was pretty good, and it hit the spot.

Pad Thai

It was my turn to order something exotic – Kong Op Woon Sen: a hefty casserole of prawns with cellophane noodles, coriander roots, ginger, garlic and white peppercorns. The translucent noodles were topped with giant, bouncy shrimps. I could taste the fragrant undertones of the coriander and the peppercorns. This dish was filling and delicious; every morsel illuminated my taste buds.

Kong Op Woon Sen
Kong Op Woon Sen

For dessert, we had the Thai Donuts. These were served with a generous amount of condensed milk decorated with a lovely red pattern made with who knows what.

Thai Donuts
Sushi Bar, also with the blue light touch

We really should visit Moon Thai & Japanese Restaurant more often – the food, service, and ambiance are very good. Your tummy will be grateful for sure.

Moon Thai & Japanese Restaurant in Kendall

16311 SW 88 St, Miami, FL 33193

(305) 388-5901

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