Jamrock Cuisine, Jamaican – Chinese Food in the Heart of Kendall in Miami

It all started with a phone call with a friendly voice at the other end. You could hear Marcia Chang’s smile as she answered questions about the restaurant’s opening hours and menu. The positive vibe continued as we entered this colorful restaurant with reggae music playing in the background.

I was eager to try Jamaican- Chinese food as we have never had it before, and Jamrock Cuisine seemed like the ideal place to start.

The little one ordered the Jerk Chop – Jerk chicken, rice and peas, spring mix, tomatoes, with curry mustard sauce. She ate the chicken and the rice first but was eyeing the salad with suspicion. “Eat your greens!”, said Marcia from behind the counter and we all laughed. So what to do? I had to jump in and eat the salad. There were a little rice and chicken left, so I mixed up the whole thing – what a great combination of ingredients! The curry mustard sauce was especially flavorsome and injected a mega-dose of deliciousness to this dish.

Chicken Jerk Chop

Sui Mein had been on my bucket list of things to try for a while –  Slices of Chinese roast chicken and BBQ pork, egg roll, shrimp, and egg noodles. With the first sip of the broth, I felt like some part of me was coming back to life – it was supremely delicious. Each component of the soup was perfectly seasoned, and every morsel added a particular essence to the hot bowl of liquid gold. As usual, I did not eat the whole thing at the restaurant – I had to take some home so I could eat the rest with a massive spoon in front of the computer. Sui Mein has now become my favorite soup.

Sui Mein

We also had the Curry Chicken – served with fried plantains, veggies, and rice and peas. The chicken with slightly spicy, very fragrant and incredibly tasty – I liked the big pieces of carrot in the curry. The rice and peas were also packed with flavor.

Curry Chicken, Rice & Peas, fried plantains and veggies
Rice & Peas

Jamrock Cuisine is a tiny 3-table restaurant and grocery run by Maurice, Marcia, and Shereena Chang. They run it with such grace, joy, and charm that I cannot wait to go back to try some more dishes. The memory of the Sui Mein is still lingering in my mind until this day.

Maurice Chang
Maurice and Marcia Chang
Chef Shereena in the kitchen


12560 N Kendall Dr

Miami, FL 33186

(305) 598-7625


We ordered some rum cake to go
Patties galore!

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