Relax Your Soul At Redland Ranch In Miami

The little one had been obsessed with trying honeycomb for a while so when we found a place where we could get real ones, we headed in that direction, especially as it was so close to home. What we found when we entered Redland Ranch was a little paradise – a beautiful green area chock-a-block with wooden picnic tables, multi-colored hammocks, square swings, and roaming exotic chickens.

Redland Ranch has a central store where you can find a plethora of honey, jams, marmalades, and fresh fruit, among other things. They also make smoothies (made with ice and water), shakes (made with ice cream and milk), natural juices, deli-style sandwiches, and ceviche, served on Saturday and Sunday only.

Once we secured our honeycomb, the little one ordered a chocolate shake and a ham and tomato sandwich. As it was a Saturday, I got the fish ceviche.  We were ravenous, and everything tasted divine – a blessing for our bellies. More than anything about this place is the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere, the perfect location to come to decompress and have a super-tasty snack.

Drinking the Chocolate Shake
Ham, tomato, and mayonnaise sandwich

Fish Ceviche

We were honeycomb virgins, and I must confess that the looks of it was a bit daunting and pretty with the perfectly lined up hexagonal wax cells. It was the little one’s idea, so I told her to go first. She was hesitant, and after a bite, the first thing she said was that it tasted weird, I thought the same, but it was because we were not used to the wax – the honey itself was floral and fruity-delicious.


I mentioned “exotic” chickens because we encountered Japanese Silkies for the first time. In my world,  chicken=curry, but it was impossible to tell if a silkie would make a good curry because of all the layers of feathers that covered its body – who knows how much meat is actually on their bones. They were charming nevertheless.

Japanese Silkie (Ukkokei)

The next time I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders, I am coming to hang out at Redlands Ranch. I will order a sandwich and a juice and sit amid the trees for hours so that my soul can reconnect with nature once again.

Our table

Rolando Zedan – the owner

Redland Ranch

14655 SW 232nd St
Miami, FL 33170

786) 493-2805

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