The Salty Donut In South Miami

It is very unusual for me to feature a place that specializes in desserts, but a dear coworker, Miss Nia,  was so raving about The Salty Donut that I decided to go visit the shop in South Miami.

We went early on a Saturday morning, beating the crowd that they are famous for. The little one had a coffee, and we shared 4 extremely good-looking and delicious donuts. A sweet way to start the weekend.

White Chocolate Tres Leches

24 hr brioche soaked in a homemade rum-infused three milk mixture, bottom crusted with white chocolate + finished with torched meringue.

Vegan Strawberry + Lemonade (Seasonal)

Strawberry-infused vegan yeast-raised dough, fresh strawberry + lemon glaze, topped with dehydrated strawberry + candied lemon wheel. Pretty-pretty like a picture!

Pink Lemonade

Hazelnut + Chocolate

4 hr brioche, filled with homemade hazelnut infused chocolate, glazed in chocolate ganache, topped with candied hazelnuts + homemade crushed hazelnut cookies.


Hazelnut + Chocolate

Coffin Mud Pie (Halloween Special)

Coffin shaped 24 hr. charcoal brioche, layered with Oreo crumb + chocolate custard, cocoa glaze, topped with a handmade chocolate coffin plaque + candy eyeball.


Coffin Mud Pie


The Salty Donut 

6022 S Dixie Hwy

South Miami, FL 33143

Phone: (786) 409-4714

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