Pubbelly Sushi In Dadeland

How did we end up in Pubbelly Sushi again? Well, let me tell you. We were supposed to join Mister B., but at the last minute, that was canceled because of the weather. When I informed the little one, she said that she was already dressed and that we needed to go somewhere, no matter where, no matter how!

I was scratching my head trying to think about a place where we could sit outside and not get wet if the skies decided to open, and before I could finish my thought, the little chicken said – Let’s go to Pubbelly.

So we had a little mommy-daughter lunch, protected from the cloudy skies by some black awnings and a wide sidewalk. We had been there in 2018, and the menu was slightly different, so this was going to be a mini-food adventure to relish.

First came the Butter Krab Roll Goma soy paper, kanikama, ponzu, warm clarified butter. This is a popular item on the menu, and we did not have it the last time we were here. I was extremely curious to try it. It was such a weird and unusual looking roll – all these orange and white strands of crab wrapped in soy paper sprinkled with black and white sesame seeds. Don’t ask me if it was real crab or the fake one – all I know is that it was delicious. 

Butter Krab Roll


The Japanese Fried Chicken was super-saturated with flavorMustard miso, pickles, lettuce, kimchee, seaweed salt. It did not have the same texture of karaage, yet it was crispy and vibrant. A little swim in the mustard-miso sauce balanced the taste perfectly. The addition of kimchee on the side was unexpected but welcomed.

Japanese Fried Chicken

Salt & Pepper Squid Crispy garlic, shichimi, smoked ponzu. This is a dish I wish Mister B. were there to taste. He is such a fan of fried calamari, that crunchy mess of fried bits that you get in every restaurant, and he missed this truly wondrous, life-changing, and a magical dish of squid. I have never had squid like this before – the soft and crunchy texture slapped me on the face with a tsunami of umami, drowning my palate with such an intensity of deliciousness that the little one had to ask me if I was alright. She saw it in my eyes – I had reached squid nirvana.

Salt & Pepper Squid 

The Pork Belly Baos were another beautiful encounter with flavor paradise. Incredible vibrant flavored pork belly seasoned with exciting ingredients wrapped in a soft and warm bao. Comfort food extraordinaire.

Pork Belly Bao

Dates Avec ChorizoBacon, goat cheese, piquillo. It was a lovely dish overall. Loved the saltiness of the bacon, the dates were a little too sweet for me, though.

Dates Avec Chorizo

The little one insisted on dessert, so we ordered the Miso bread Pudding 2.0. It was made with a chocolate bread pudding and served with sesame ice cream. All of it delicious but too sweet for me. I was fascinated by the round sesame seed wafer it came with – another flavor bomb I devoured all by myself.

Miso bread Pudding 2.0. 

Pubbelly Sushi Dadeland impressed us – the service was impeccable, the food incredible, and the umami that bombarded our tastes buds, unforgettable.



Bathroom art


Pubbelly Sushi Dadeland

8970 SW 72nd Pl,

 Miami, FL 33156

(786) 369-5472

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