My Brother Gave Me A Red Hot Instant Pot

My brother gave me a red hot Instant Pot for Christmas. Why? Why join the IP party now if it has been around for ages? Well, I have been working from home for practically the last 6 years and had the luxury of having dinner on the table no later than 7:00 pm because I had no commute. Things have changed, but I still have to have food ready to eat at a reasonable time after coming from work.

Cooking is not a chore for me – it is something that gives me pleasure, but how to enjoy the process after sitting in traffic for up to 2 hours and getting home exhausted, and vexed because of all the bloody cars on the road? With an Instant Pot, I chuck all the ingredients in, and a delicious dinner is ready in about 45 minutes.

When I say “chuck,” I mean chuck thoughtfully. I have looked up a bunch of recipes on YouTube, and I am most impressed with Flo Lum, who manages to put together impressive dishes in a jiffy. My little one needs to eat properly, right? Thank you, Bryan! Loving the pot so far – already cooked mung beans and mushroom dhal, black beans and rice, and eggs. The next project is Bolognese sauce, and maybe a cheesecake?

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