30th Annual Asian Culture Festival in Homestead, Miami

The last time we went out before the COVID-19 situation got grave in Miami was on March 8th, to go to the Asian Culture Festival. I was hesitant to go, and now I am so glad we went – it was early, so not too many people, and the vast array of food available was huge.

The festival features Asian crafts, art, and exotic music and dance, highlighted by a tasty selection of authentic Asian cuisine.

The Asian Festival champions the importance of cultural diversity in building a lively, flourishing, and robust community.  It is organized by The Thai-American Association of South Florida together with Miami-Dade County Asian-American Advisory Board and the Redland Fruit & Spice Park, and it happens every year in March.

Making Bamboo Rice
More Bamboo Rice

Gulab Jamun and Jalebi
Big Ass Sausages

Boba flavours


Master Griller


Exotic Fruit

Preparing Kanom Krok
Serving Thai Food

Look at the Ramen sweater. Loving it!

Puri Halva Chana and Vegetable Samosas
That look – priceless!
Even Haitians joined, selling mostly pepper sauce


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