A Trip to the Grand Canyon in Arizona

Departing from the bustling city of Miami, Yazzy was excited as she prepared for her first trip to the Grand Canyon with her two best friends, Jasmine and Trinity. They had decided to fly to Arizona to make the most of their limited time off from school.

Yazzy felt a mix of nerves and excitement as they boarded the plane. This was her first time traveling to Arizona, but she was thrilled to embark on this adventure with her friends.

After a long flight, the girls finally arrived in Arizona. The dry heat starkly contrasted with the humid climate they were used to in Miami. Still, they were excited to explore the unique landscape.

When they reached the Grand Canyon National Park entrance, the girls couldn’t contain their excitement as they stepped out of the car and caught their first glance at the incredible natural wonder before them.

As they hiked into the canyon, they were amazed by the breathtaking views. The layers of rock, each a different shade of red, orange, and yellow, stretched out before them as far as the eye could see.

Their trip ended too soon, and as they boarded the plane back to Miami, Yazzy felt a bittersweet mix of sadness and gratitude. She was sad to be leaving this incredible adventure behind but grateful for the memories she had made with her friends. She knew that this trip had opened her eyes to the beauty and diversity of the world and that she would never forget her first trip to the Grand Canyon.

  • All images by Yasmin Dudley

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