Favorite Restaurant Food 2018

2018 was yet another challenging year filled with a whole heap of roller-coaster moments that I was able to endure mostly because I am able to put the negative into separate compartments. I am also a genius when it comes to magical thinking- always assuming that in the end, everything will be alright or as... Continue Reading →


This year has not been the best for me so far. Many unpleasant things have happened and the Year of the Monkey is not over yet. I am a Tiger and Monkeys do not like us. The string of unfortunate events started with my little chicken fracturing her foot. Four days later, I got laid... Continue Reading →

Positive Vibrations

There are many things to be thankful for but I do have the tendency to focus on what I do not have instead of being grateful for all the blessings in my life. Today I would like to take the time to give thanks and praises to some special people who have encouraged me and... Continue Reading →

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