Favorite Restaurant Food 2018

2018 was yet another challenging year filled with a whole heap of roller-coaster moments that I was able to endure mostly because I am able to put the negative into separate compartments. I am also a genius when it comes to magical thinking- always assuming that in the end, everything will be alright or as it should be.

What brought me the most joy was being able to eat wonderful food, take pictures of the dishes and share culinary expeditions with my dining companions, and for that privilege, I am forever grateful.

Below are my top 10 dishes, in no particular order. I chose these because every once in a while I crave them and have to back to that particular restaurant to re-order, even if it is for takeaway. Scroll all the way down to see a little slideshow that I put together that actually includes 19 of my very favorite restaurant dishes for 2018.


Diagnóstico Reservado Ceviche from Dr. Limón Ceviche Bar made with red pepper and ginger.

Doctor Miyagi Ceviche from  Dr. Limón Ceviche Bar – Sesame oil, Nikkei sauce, crispy sweet potato

Pork Belly from Dr. Limón Ceviche Bar – Slow roasted pork belly, oriental sauce, pepián

Curry Chicken and Roti from Island Restaurant

Filipino Rice Bowl from Lan Pan Asian Café – Garlic fried rice topped with tender braised pork, fried sunny-side-up egg, and pickled onions.

Red Beef Curry from Lan Pan Asian Café – Skirt steak, sweet potato, onion, mushroom, snow peas, and spinach simmered in a red curry broth. Served with rice. Spicy.

Sui Mein from Jamrock Cuisine – noodles, shrimp, vegetables, egg roll, Cantonese-style roast pork (Cha Su) and chicken.

Rainbow Poke Bowl from Poke OG – Ahi, salmon, hamachi, cucumber, sweet onions, green onions, bubu arare, tossed in dynamite aioli, over white rice.

Sticky Rice Wrapped in Lotus Leaf (Lo Mai Gai) from Kon Chau Chinese Restaurant – AKA Lo Mai Ga which contains glutinous rice filled with chicken, Chinese mushrooms, Chinese sausage, scallions, then wrapped in a dried lotus leaf and steamed.

Flancocho from Isla Del Encanto – Flan and vanilla cake.

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