Miami Culinary Tours, Coconut Grove Food & History Tour

Miami Culinary Tours runs food and history tours in various locations in Miami. As a Miami resident, I have always been fascinated with Coconut Grove, so we decided to take that one this time and let me tell you – it was so much fun and absolutely incredible. We tried so many different foods from six excellent restaurants, and as it was a walking tour, we got to burn off the calories too.

Friendly and knowledgeable tour guides

Coconut Grove is an area known for historic landmarks and one of the best places for outdoor dining in the city. It is the oldest seaside neighborhood in Miami with a vibrant yet tranquil village vibe. We got to taste superb international and local dishes from chicken tikka masala to flan made with candy cap mushrooms and drinks such as white sangria and pisco sour.

This 3-hour tasty Miami Culinary tour is guaranteed to be both a culinary and a  learning experience that should not be missed if you are in the Miami area – the resulting food coma is more than worth it!

Visiting a restaurant kitchen
Food & drinks
Walk and eat delicious foods
Try food from a variety of restaurants

Learn about the history behind the local landmarks
Take pics of your food with no shame!

Miami Culinary Tours

(786) 942-8856

Some of the delicious food we had on the tour

*Tour courtesy of Miami Culinary Tours. All opinions are mine*

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