Contemporary Japanese Cuisine at Dragonfly Izakaya & Fish Market

Dragonfly Izakaya is a modern Japanese restaurant located in Doral. It has a vast menu filled with dishes that I have always wanted to try – I was primarily after the chicken karaage – fried chicken. We headed up north – the little chicken, a new dining companion, Mister B. and I – to try the karaage and some other intriguing things listed on the menu.

The restaurant was charming with tall ceilings, an open kitchen, red and blue chairs, and wooden tables. Very modern, very chic. There was a separate section for a small fish market that had a giant communal table in an intimate setting. I fell in love with the atmosphere.

We had to start with the Chicken Karaage, of course – Springer farms organic chicken, Japanese mayo, citric salt, sansho pepper. This proved to be such a favorite dish at our table that I barely got to snatch one piece. Presented before us, was an irresistible basket of chunky deep-fried chicken. One bite of this juicy chicken enveloped in a thick and crispy skin was enough to render me speechless. This alone was worth the trip.

Chicken Karaage

Mister B. decided to order the Ceviche – Corvina, yuzu, micro cilantro, ponzu vinaigrette. The fish was submerged in a fragrant, orange-colored ponzu vinaigrette. It was just okay, nothing extraordinary, not something I would have ordered in a Japanese restaurant but to each his own.


Next came a Teishoku Lunch Set, the Robata Grilled Miso Salmon – It came with brown rice, miso soup, and a mini wedge creamy soy salad. This was Mister B.’ main dish. It was served in a wooden tray, utterly attractive to look at. I got to taste a piece of the salmon, and it was fantastic.

Robata Grilled Miso Salmon Lunch Set

I am a fan of raw fish, so I had to order the Chirashi – 18 pieces of sashimi over rice selected by the chef. The waiter came over to explain what each slice of fish was, but I was so mesmerized by the sheer beauty of this dish, that I did not pay any attention to a word he said. I kept staring at it, taking pictures of it, before even taking a bite.This beautiful dish was loaded with ultra-fresh thick slices of fish, each slice with a different texture. Each slice soft, tender yet firm. Each slice smooth and brilliant like the morning sun. This was too delicious, an incredible abundance of magic in one bowl. All the fish was devoured – the rice came back home in a to-go box.

The Chirashi was divine!

Little Miss Chicken had the Pork Katsu Sando – two slices of airy shokupan (Japanese milk bread), slathered with zesty sauces and vegetables, with a thick cutlet of pork katsu that’s been lightly breaded and fried. Little chicken was in a good mood and shared a big piece with me – one of the best sandwiches I have had in a long time.

Pork Katsu Sando Lunch Set

I have to mention the Mini Wedge Creamy Soy Salad served as a side. It was deceptively good – an ordinary salad of lettuce, tomatoes, and crunchy bits made spectacular by a creamy mystery dressing.

Mini Wedge Creamy Soy Salad

We had the Tangerine Cake for dessert.  The chef was so kind that she added some gold leaf to make it look prettier for the camera. This was an unforgettable and sweet work of art, swiftly eaten by Mister B. and the little chicken.

Tangerine Cake
Such a feast!

The service was outstanding. Our waitress, Charity, explained each dish in detail with a smile and gave us some great suggestions. There are so many more dishes that I want to try at Dragonfly Izakaya & Fish Market that I have to go back soon – not only for a second helping of Chicken Karaage but for a heaping bowl of their Tonkotsu Ramen.

Fish Market section

Dragonfly Izakaya & Fish Market

5241 NW 87th Ave

Doral, FL 33178

(305) 222-7447

Mister B. enjoying the salmon

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