Lan Pan Asian Café in Miami

I recently traveled to San José, California for work and did not get to visit any of the many Asian restaurants except for a musty Japanese place that smelled like old socks. On the way back to Miami I was wondering where I could go to make up for this faux pas and Lan Pan... Continue Reading →


Grove Bay Grill, formerly known as Scotty’s Landing, is ideally situated in a marina, facing a tranquil bay replete with beautiful yachts. A cool breeze blows on your face while indulging in standard grill fare. The ambiance was lovely, with a funky bar, covered seating and picnic benches along the seaside - really chill, as... Continue Reading →

A Sunday Drive

On certain Sundays, my brother likes to go to the Everglades to take pictures of wildlife. He invites us sometimes and in spite of my laziness, I feel that I have to go, that little trips like this are good for the soul. The Everglades is quite a magical place. At this time of the year... Continue Reading →

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