A Sunday Drive

On certain Sundays, my brother likes to go to the Everglades to take pictures of wildlife. He invites us sometimes and in spite of my laziness, I feel that I have to go, that little trips like this are good for the soul.

The Everglades is quite a magical place. At this time of the year the skies are pure blue and the sound of the silence that pervades the atmosphere  is only interrupted by birds chirping or wading in the river or by  other reptiles suddenly emerging from the water in a sudden frenzy.


Breathing deeply and inhaling the air here brings nothing but the feeling of wholesomeness inside your body. Being so deeply submerged  in nature is not usual for me. Moments like this make me understand the reasons why it so important to preserve these sanctuaries – nature is not here by accident, it was created for  all to share, enjoy, revel in and seek solace from all the noise and chaos of everyday life.

Uncle Bryan
Uncle Bryan

everglades 1

everglades 2


the chickens


little dancer


After this mystical experience we usually visit Robert Is Here. We stock up on tropical fruits, coconuts, vegetables and herbs. Then back home it is – rejuvenated, refreshed and hungry.


husked coconuts



issa eating

on the swing

robert is here

coconut monkeys

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