Pinecrest Wayside Market in Miami

I only had one of my chickens with me, so I took the baby one  to have a snow cone. It was really a nice place to chill and relax.

pinecrest wayside market

This little market has been around since 1948 and has a very relaxed vibe.


bananas & papayas

exercise before snowcone
Just exercising in a public place

Everybody is friendly and full of smiles.

They serve shakes, snow cones, sandwiches, prepared foods, fruits, vegetables, breads and muffins; just a little of everything.

Pinecrest Wayside Market is an excellent locale to de-stress and re-connect with the outdoors.

It is life in the tropics at its best.

bar clif

breads and muffins
Breads and Muffins
Pure honey
Pure Honey
snowcone ingredients
Snow cones ingredients
the jams them
Jam Fest
gelato pops
Gelato Pops
Loving the snow cone
Loving the snow cone

Pinecrest Wayside Market

10070 SW 57th Ave, Miami, FL 33156

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