Masala Eats Miami is 6 years old!

My website, Masala Eats Miami, is a serious hobby. Is serious because it involves 3 of the things I like to do most: eat, take pictures of the food eaten, and writing about the experience. This hobby requires thought and time - it’s a process. After 6 years, I have 1200 followers to whom  I... Continue Reading →

Why Blog About Food?

It would seem that if you write about food, take pictures and post that in a blog, and not many people are paying attention to what you are doing, then it is all is just a monumental waste of time. I do often ponder about the usefulness of this hobby of mine. Not only me... Continue Reading →

The Spice Hoarder

Once upon a time, there was a lady called Masala who collected spices, all types of spices from many different countries. She had bottles and boxes of exotic spices, so many that they were exploding from her cupboard and she had to start storing them in extra masala dabbas. Miss Masala thought about spices and... Continue Reading →

Is Ketchup The Secret of Happiness?

Mommy adores ketchup; it is almost an addiction for her. She puts on on everything from scrambled eggs to macaroni; cooking would be unfathomable without the addition of this ruby-colored condiment. I always thought it was strange - this all encompassing obsession with gloopy tomatoes, that is, until recently when I started adding it to... Continue Reading →

Lunch at Aromas Del Perú

We visited Aromas Del Perú again to have a quick lunch, but this time it was not only about the food - I needed a safe place to play. The staff at this restaurant knows me and are aware that I am always taking pictures of their food. This time though, I was dabbling in... Continue Reading →

The Journey From Slim To Fluffy

I was born with a hyperactive metabolism and always took it for granted that this state of affairs would last forever. I could eat extraordinary amounts of food without gaining an ounce in weight and doing zero exercise. Life was good. Life was full of food and no matter how much I ate; I was... Continue Reading →

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