Lunch at Aromas Del Perú

We visited Aromas Del Perú again to have a quick lunch, but this time it was not only about the food – I needed a safe place to play. The staff at this restaurant knows me and are aware that I am always taking pictures of their food. This time though, I was dabbling in video.

I was never a big YouTube fan until recently. After watching food videos for a while, I think that adding more home made videos to the blog will make it more interesting, even if they are very short.

There is a lot to learn, my chicken is still the one doing the editing. I am challenging myself to get better and to teach myself as much as possible.

For lunch that day, we had a colorful salad, some churrasco and grilled octopus, all of which was delicious. Below is the final result of this first experiment.

Churrasco with fries


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