A Lovely Stroll in Wynwood

It is always nice to take a little stroll in a beautiful and unusual neighborhood, replete with art on the walls and a charming atmosphere. We went roaming after an exquisite meal at Dukunoo Jamaican Kitchen and the streets were full of tourists and locals alike. This is a description of Wynwood that I lifted... Continue Reading →

Sunday Market

Today I needed limes to season chicken, so I went to the market, that was an unusual move as it was devil-hot and air conditioning is always a priority. There was another reason behind this insane excursion - the deep need to take pictures in daylight. The weather has been atrocious lately- hot, humid, sauna-like.... Continue Reading →

Burger Date

I invited my two chickens to have a burger with me, and only the little one accepted the invitation. We went to Five Guys because it was close and not so expensive. The real reason for the date was not just to eat a hamburger - I needed footage to start practicing making videos on... Continue Reading →

Lunch at Aromas Del Perú

We visited Aromas Del Perú again to have a quick lunch, but this time it was not only about the food - I needed a safe place to play. The staff at this restaurant knows me and are aware that I am always taking pictures of their food. This time though, I was dabbling in... Continue Reading →

What is a Pumpkin Patch?

I have been in this country for a long time, and one of the things that intrigued me when I got here was seeing a bunch of pumpkins, in piles, surrounded by scarecrows during the month of October. People usually visit pumpkin patches to choose a pumpkin for Halloween to make jack-o'-lanterns and to decorate... Continue Reading →

Ocean Rescue Stations In Miami Beach

These little “houses” on stilts scattered on the beaches of Miami Beach fascinate me. The colors and the wood construction remind me of the Caribbean. With about 29 locations located between South Pointe and 87th Street, these Rescue Stations are beautiful, interesting, colorful little gems of architecture  that  provide an important service to the community. There are... Continue Reading →

Summer Getaway

This was our second visit the to the Courtyard Cadillac Miami Beach and the experience was  fabulous - great room, wonderful beach,  nice pool, good food. The perfect place for families or couples. I am not going to say much more, I will let the pictures tell you the story.     *Cover Photo by Marriott... Continue Reading →

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