Sunday Market

Today I needed limes to season chicken, so I went to the market, that was an unusual move as it was devil-hot and air conditioning is always a priority. There was another reason behind this insane excursion – the deep need to take pictures in daylight.

The weather has been atrocious lately- hot, humid, sauna-like. Rain is predicted starting on Tuesday until next weekend, the cameras cannot go out in the rain, so I will be stuck looking out the window, wondering what a sunny day looks like.

I went to Placita Los Girasoles where the produce is always fresh. The limes were perfect – soft and chunky, full of juice: the chicken will love swimming in this pool of sour deliciousness.

On the way out, I had to get a Tamal Criollo, one of the best in this area. This unctuous corn and pork mixture, wrapped in a corn husk, hit the spot in many, many good ways.

And that is how I spent my Sunday. Have a great week!

The lovely Tamal Criollo

Placita Los Girasoles
15970 SW 177th Ave, Miami, FL 33187
No phone
No website

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