Sunday Market

Today I needed limes to season chicken, so I went to the market, that was an unusual move as it was devil-hot and air conditioning is always a priority. There was another reason behind this insane excursion - the deep need to take pictures in daylight. The weather has been atrocious lately- hot, humid, sauna-like.... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Chicken

My eldest daughter turned 19 today and I cannot believe how quickly those years flew by. I still look at her and remember the day she came into this world. She is smart, beautiful, brave and yes, a tad bit crazy. Living with her is anything but boring. Her birthday this year was a rainy... Continue Reading →

Ocean Rescue Stations In Miami Beach

These little “houses” on stilts scattered on the beaches of Miami Beach fascinate me. The colors and the wood construction remind me of the Caribbean. With about 29 locations located between South Pointe and 87th Street, these Rescue Stations are beautiful, interesting, colorful little gems of architecture  that  provide an important service to the community. There are... Continue Reading →

I came across Margaret Zhang while exploring on Tumblr. She is a young genius  who loves fashion and food among other things. Take a look at her work and art. Absolutely remarkable. Margaret is so young and talented. Hope that my own chickens  grow up to be as artful and confident as Ms. Zhang. * All photos... Continue Reading →

A Visit To The Market

So my brother gave me a new lens for the camera but I was too broke to go to a restaurant.  I had to take some food pictures with it though and pronto! Not too many choices without money so I decided to go to a market, Placita Los Girasoles, to get some bananas and photograph... Continue Reading →

Food is a gift. Food is joy. It satisfies many needs on so many levels. These are the top ten dishes that made me open my eyes, brains and stomach and expanded my gustatory palate. These are not in order of preference. I loved them all !   Cover Photo : Zuma Miami, my favorite... Continue Reading →

Tea has always been my consoler, my perpetual door to inner peace and tranquility. Pair tea’s soothing qualities with both sweet and savory nibbles and heaven will the final destination. Tea, always tea. *Cover photo by Anna Verdina

We embraced the South Beach lifestyle once more and reserved a room at the Congress Hotel South Beach in Miami Beach. Congress Hotel South Beach is an oceanfront hotel located in Miami's South Beach district. As usual, we had the time of our lives just chilling out on the balcony with a serene and beautiful... Continue Reading →

Comfort Food Before School

Summer vacation is over and we have not gone out to eat in a while. We did not go far, just around the corner to visit Aromas Del Perú where the food is always good and wonderful. After doing all the shopping for the first day of school, cooking was not an option. We brought our... Continue Reading →

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