Masala Eats Miami is 6 years old!

My website, Masala Eats Miami, is a serious hobby. Is serious because it involves 3 of the things I like to do most: eat, take pictures of the food eaten, and writing about the experience. This hobby requires thought and time – it’s a process. After 6 years, I have 1200 followers to whom  I am very grateful for. This site is not monetized, mostly self-funded, so I do this purely out of love, entertainment and edification. It’s a way of sharing a little bit of my life thru the lens of food.

I must confess that there is also another motive behind maintaining this website: the eternal preservation of food memories, beyond my expiration date. I have not been able to embrace getting older with grace and charm, no matter how I try. It is especially difficult for me as when younger, I was always told that I looked so youthful, at least 10 years less than the real number. Now I look my age physically, with no love interest, and it is hard to be a woman on your own – too old for romance and adventure.

Each new restaurant is a new world – photo by Saffron @ Grove

This feeling has not stopped me from facing the truth about getting older in a magnificent way- it is absolutely necessary to stay engaged with the world, to learn new things, to go out in the sunshine, to meet new people, to find new ways of relating to family and to the world in order not to be sidelined and be rendered invisible. The desire to be loved and to be noticed never dies.

I get to meet new and interesting people – she is one of the few female tandoor chefs in Miami. Wish I got her name.

Masala Eats Miami is a way of keeping my brain active, to be curious, alert, and have a purpose other than just a regular job. I believe in balance, and this particular hobby brings a lot of pleasure and helps connect me to people. The skills used in the website spills over into other activities, including my day job.

Preserving food memories

I mentioned earlier that I wanted to preserve memories forever. But there is no such thing as forever – if the data disappears and the internet ceases to exist, all my photos and writings can go kaput in a nanosecond. So is this a waste of time? Not so long as reading one of my posts makes people smile, savor the yummy pictures, learn something new and makes them hungry for a big plate of food.

Celebrate with me and have a virtual slice a cake and a cup of tea ☕️

Taking a pic of a pretty Pad Thai

How delicious to try new dishes

Cover photo “Strawberry Cake”  by Anna Verdina (Karnova)

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