Time Out Miami Market

I had not been to Miami Beach in ages and I was so glad to be back in this area. Time Out Miami Market is an upscale yet casual food court that offers many food choices for all diners. We visited 4 different stalls and tried food from Vietnam, Perú, Italy, and America, of course.... Continue Reading →

The Little One Is 15!

I can’t believe that fifteen years have passed since that sunny Wednesday afternoon when she was born. I was concerned because she was a month early. Then out came this tiny and feisty little girl, very small, a little over four pounds, with huge hands and feet compared to the rest of her body. Fifteen... Continue Reading →

Ocean Rescue Stations In Miami Beach

These little “houses” on stilts scattered on the beaches of Miami Beach fascinate me. The colors and the wood construction remind me of the Caribbean. With about 29 locations located between South Pointe and 87th Street, these Rescue Stations are beautiful, interesting, colorful little gems of architecture  that  provide an important service to the community. There are... Continue Reading →

Red, The Steakhouse in Miami Beach

Situated in Miami Beach, this restaurant serves exquisite steaks and has an extensive wine list. They also have a new Bar Bites menu for the football season, which offers a variety of tapas-like items and interesting cocktails. Red, The Steakhouse is no ordinary restaurant so when I was invited to go, I could not refuse.... Continue Reading →

Hilton Cabana Getaway

This Miami Beach hotel was really nice – pretty, new, on the beach, excellent food and service. It is a place I would re-visit in a nano-second. I think is essential to do something different and change your routine every once in a while - doing the same things, going to the same places, eating... Continue Reading →

Lunch At L’echon (closed)

  On a balmy Saturday afternoon, we sat down to have lunch outside at the outdoor-covered bar, under the fans. The diners around us were from all over: we heard German, French, Italian and Polish being spoken, among other languages. It was like stepping into another country just for a little bit – we could... Continue Reading →

Holiday Parties Should Be Like This

On a perfect afternoon on the rooftop of The Betsy Hotel in South Beach we had the ideal gathering to celebrate the holidays and each other. Brilliant sun, lovely food, a stunning view. The best thing was that it took place from 2pm to 5pm, during working hours, so it was a real treat for me as I do... Continue Reading →

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