Paul Hudson

“This testimonial is long overdue as I have been following Masala Cha’s work for over two years. I must confess that her pictures improve with each new restaurant she dines at and with every special family celebration she chooses to share with us through this medium. 

If you can’t stick to your diet, it may be through no fault of your own. The detail, color and lighting in Masala Cha’s images of “edible art” are making mouths water and stomachs grumble in countries all around the globe. Each week the beauty of her extraordinary dishes – some common, some unusual – tantalize fans of her work who may not have been hungry until they happened to drop by. 

While I have noticed that Masala Cha’s photos of desserts seem to get a lot of well-deserved attention, I truly enjoy her images of appetizers and entrees. Her detailed descriptions, as well as her personal assessments of the food, are a nice touch as well.” – Paul Hudson