Rice House of Kabob – A Persian Grill

A Persian Grill in the middle of Kendall? We certainly had to check this place out. We walked in on a Saturday afternoon to have a quick lunch and to try something new.
rice house of kabob

Rice House of Kebab was decorated simply and tastefully, with photographs of food on the wall and wooden furniture – oddly elegant for a fast food restaurant. It was also quite empty when we were there.

The menu was on the wall and customers go directly to the cashier to order and then the food is brought to the table.

Chenjeh -Tenderloin ($9.49)
Charbroiled beef tenderloin, basmati rice, Greek salad, hummus & bread. The flavoring was excellent but the texture of the tenderloin was not “tender” at all, more on the chewy side and way too overdone. And where was the hummus on the plate? Missing in action.

Fish ($ 9.49)
This dish consisted of tilapia (a type of freshwater fish), basmati rice, Greek salad, hummus & bread. It was pretty good and my daughter was swooning over it. She kept telling me over and over how much she was enjoying it.

Specialty Rice ($5.99 to $6.99)
The rice – Polo – is what makes this place special. Polo is rice mixed with a variety of ingredients and here it was offered with exotic components like sweet and sour barberry, saffron, baby lima beans, lentils and raisins. At this restaurant rice is king and the flavoring and spices first-rate.

Rice House of Kebab also has a very economical dessert menu with many things to choose from. Their offers include Pistachio Burma, Lemon Cake and even a sugar-free version of Baklava.

The service was slow though, we waited a little too long for a restaurant that was far from hectic.

Founded by the Shabani Brothers (Reza, Esi, Jafar and Ali), Rice House of Kebab is a chain of restaurants that honors their Persian upbringing and highlights the comfort food that they grew up with.

Rice House of Kabob


13742 SW 56th Street
Miami, FL 33175

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