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Miami Culinary Tours – Get To Know Miami Through Its Fabulous Food

Tasting Miami has never been easier and more interesting since Grace Della decided that this city offers  a plethora of flavors that are worth discovering and sharing.


Miami Culinary Tours takes you on walking and bus tours around the city of Miami, most notably  the famous South Beach, also called SOBE and  Little Havana, a community with an abundance of Cuban expats who brought along their food, culture and joie de vivre to the area.

Un Cafecito?
Un Cafecito?
Part of Miami Beach walking tour
Part of Miami Beach walking tour
Learn about the different architectural  styles in Miami
Learn about the different architectural styles in Miami

I have been living in Miami for a long time and learnt so much on these tours that did not know about my own backyard. It is not just a food tour, it also introduces you to the local history, architecture and the roots behind the dishes tasted. Detailed explanations are given about the food, restaurants and Chefs who are making a real contribution to enlivening the culinary scene in Miami.


Mariquitas – Fried Plantain Chips
Patacon de Pollo and Empanada
Patacon de Pollo and Empanada
seafood photo
little girl eating ice cream
Tours are kid-friendly too

Grace Della, the founder of Miami Culinary Tours, is originally from Argentina and loves and currently lives in Miami. Grace learnt to appreciate food from her Mother, her inspiration, who teaches how to make Empanadas from scratch. Empanadas are pastries baked or fried filled with meat, chicken, cheese and a potpouirri of other fillings.

Grace Della also happens to be my inspiration. Her energy is never-ending and her knowledge of the city of Miami seems to be boundless.

Grace Della
Grace Della

On this tour you can taste the typical fare of this multicultural city: seafood, pastries, mariquitas (fried plaintains), rice and beans…and you may even get the chance to roll a cigar!

Rolling a cigar in Little Havana
Rolling a cigar in Little Havana

This is new way to discover Miami from a different perspective, a city that has a lot to offer in so many ways. Smiles and a happy belly are guaranteed.



Questions? Call 1-855 MIA FOOD

Here is an interview with Grace Della by chatchowtv.

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  1. If you are traveling to Miami this tour visits the best landmarks and scenic areas in Miami and Miami Beach. Try Open Miami’s Panoramic Bus Tour. Very unique and cool tour that features a fully retractable rooftop in a modern bus. Very spacious, free WiFi and funny yet very experienced tour guides.


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