Who Has The Copyright On Taste?

There are so many experts on the subject of food. You see them everywhere: in books, on TV, in movies. But what really qualifies anyone to tell us what is good or not when each set of taste buds are different?

who has the copyright on taste? copy 2

A gourmet is defined as a person with refined or cultivated taste who is knowledgeable in the craft and art of food and food preparation. And what is the opposite of a gourmet? Someone who stuffs him or herself with food indiscriminately without giving the quality of what is ingested a second thought.

There is another group of people who suffer from selective eating disorder and are extremely picky eaters who enjoy very few foods. I was married to one and this was a big contributing factor to the destruction of our marriage.

The middle ground? The adventurous food lover who is willing to try anything at least once but who may or may not draw the line at bull testicles, donkey meat or any kind of insect.

The bottom line is that taste is very individual and it is dependent on many factors. The important thing to remember is to respect differences and don’t force your own taste on others.

Gourmets, guzzlers, picky eaters and food-adventure lovers can learn to play nice in the sandbox but I am not sure if it is a good idea to marry each other. Food is an integral part of home life and not sharing a similar taste in food can be a deal breaker: I am talking from experience.

I love this quote from Sheila Himmel:

“What you eat is like how you pray:  Your Own Business. Not to be forced on others. Worship at Burger King or Chez Panisse, depending on your tastes, wallet and personal needs…just don’t make me go there.”

Miss I. is not too fond of mashed sweet potatoes
Miss I. is not too fond of mashed sweet potatoes
The little one loves chicken nuggets and fries. All the time...
The little one loves chicken nuggets and fries. All the time…

2 thoughts on “Who Has The Copyright On Taste?

  1. Ah yes I am the food adventurer …. I want to try all kinds of foods at least once…… but now I only eat veggies and try to avoid meats for health reasons ….. but even with meat …. I would try something out of curiosity at least once just to have the experience of the texture and taste….. but yes probably not the bull testicles ….. I enjoyed the article.


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