This restaurant was right in our neighborhood, barely ten minutes from where we live. I was curious about the flavors we may encounter. Once inside, on the right was the Sushi section; on the left was the Teppanyaki Grill.

cooking teppentaki

Tuna Tataki was what we tried first from the Sushi side, it was nicely seared on the outside and beautiful-pink on the inside, generously sprinkled with sesame seeds and green onions. Underneath was a little surprise of shredded carrots that were perfect to soak up the lovely seasoned ponzu sauce. Miss I. was about to pick up the plate and lick up the remaining sauce. I had to stop her. Fast.

tuna tataki
Tuna Tataki

Salads can go either way: some people love salads, others do not but this one was too good. The House Salad was fresh, crispy and the dressing was full of texture yet the flavor was subtle and at the same time left a definite impression on the tongue. The tomato was a nice, cooling and enlivening addition.

house salad
House Salad

LOVE to see fire as long as it does not burn us and the cooking at the Teppanyaki grill was indeed very entertaining.

We all liked the show, where live cooking on a hot teppanyaki grill occurs. It was a learning experience for the chickens to see someone cooking right in front of them, with all that fire.

I am a carnivore and Ruson Steakhouse caters to this as the Sirloin and Scallop Teppanyaki was quite a protein fest. I love meat and seafood but had to control myself, I was not alone and had to share! At the end it was total belly-happiness for all.

Ingredients for  Sirloin and Scallop Teppanyaki
Ingredients for Sirloin and Scallop Teppanyaki
 Sirloin and Scallop Teppanyaki
Sirloin and Scallop Teppanyaki

For dessert?

It had to be the Thai donuts as Miss Y. is quite taken with them. So comforting it was to dip something freshly fried and hot into a cool bowl of condensed milk.

little girl eating

The menu says "Japanese Donuts". Looks like Thai donuts to me...
The menu says “Japanese Donuts”. Looks like Thai donuts to me…

We liked this place because not only was the food very good, the service was also attentive and cordial.

Ruson Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar is good for lunch or dinner, for when you are alone or with family or just hungry for the simple gratification of eating well.

Fish Tank is part of the decor
Fish Tank is part of the decor

RUSON JAPANESE Steakhouse & Sushi Bar

13856 N. Kendall Drive

305 386 668


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