Asian Cultural Festival in Homestead – A Photo Tour

The Asian Cultural Festival is a two-day annual event that features Asian crafts, art, exotic music and dance, highlighted by a tasty selection of authentic Far Eastern cuisine.

japanese dolls

A fun-filled family event, the Asian Culture Festival that takes place in The Fruit & Spice Park every year around March, offers a virtual day trip to Asia. You will enjoy a variety of Asian arts, crafts, entertainment, plants and exotic cuisine.


Zongzi (or zong

This celebration promotes the importance of cultural diversity in building a vibrant, prosperous and healthy community.

Lady in Asian inspired hat


Thai Aubergines
Thai Aubergines

Thailand food

fruits in a cup

cabbage never looked so good

chicken skewers


unknown dish

sweet & sour chicken with spring rolls


massive snowcones

Thai Curry
Thai Curry





fruit platter

fresh veggies


The Fruit & Spice Park is the only tropical botanical garden of its kind in the United States. The unique 37-acre public facility is owned and operated by the Miami-Dade County Park and Recreation Department.

Located in South Florida, the Park’s tropical climate can be found nowhere else in the continental U.S. and hosts over 500 varieties of fruits, vegetables, spices, herbs, and nuts, and other commercially important plant specimens from around the world. The Park showcases 150 varieties of mango, 75 varieties of bananas, 70 bamboo varieties, and numerous other exotic edibles.



assorted fruits

The art and dance are outstanding and so different from what we usually see in South Florida, but to be honest, I go for the food.

Leave space in your calendar for next year’s Festival. It’s just around the corner.

chciken and rice

thai fruit carving-2

Fruit and vegetable carving at the Asian Culture Festival

Video Source:

Fruit & Spice Park

24801 SW 187 Avenue

Homestead, Florida 33031


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