Breakfast at Serafina in South Beach (closed)


Breakfast is not our favorite meal of the day but today we woke up extremely hungry and decided to pay a visit to Serafina in South Beach. It was well worth it.

serafina mural

Bacon and Eggs were calling Yazzy and she immediately ordered that. This plate came with salad which she gobbled up to my surprise. The bacon was crunchy-crispy and the scramble eggs soft and creamy – an excellent way to kill hunger.

bacon & eggs

Issa ordered the Omelette with served with potatoes, cheese, ham, onions, peppers, mushrooms, spinach. This was another thing that quickly evaporated from the plate, gone and gobbled in nanoseconds.


The Frittata Vegetariana tasted like if it was prepared by the hands of an angel. This three-egg frittata made with assorted vegetables, cheese and pesto sauce was heavenly. Pesto and eggs was never a combination of ingredients we had encountered before but it was indeed a well-thought-out symphony of flavors, each bite bringing us closer to frittata-nirvana.

Frittata Vegetariana



The Dream Club Sandwich was indeed a dream: turkey breast, avocado, tomato, with or without bacon, homemade potato chips. Just plain awesome.

dream club sandwich

We were told that the Lemon Ricotta Pancakes were the best pancakes on the beach. Served with lemon zest, strawberries and blueberries, these pancakes are hard to forget. I keep dreaming of them.

lemon ricotta pancakes

Housed in the beautiful landmark Dream Hotel, Serafina South Beach was designed to excite and inspire the senses.





serafina punch


serafina dream copy


Serafina South Beach

1111 Collins Avenue
(at 11th Street)

Miami Beach, FL 33139


*Photos by Serafina South Beach & Brenda Benoit

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