Hallacas : A Venezuelan Christmas Tradition

My very favorite Holiday food

Awesome post by http://thatothercookingblog.com/2013/12/28/hallacas-a-venezuelan-christmas-tradition/

A work of art!

Photo by Hector Trejo

that other cooking blog


First. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  Second. Hope you all had plenty of your favorite Christmas delights. Third. We’re here to talk about Hallacas. I’ve posted about this dish a couple of times in the past. We venezuelans eat hallacas only around christmas and new years time. It’s a very popular dish of indigenous origins and spanish influences. It’s also similar to the even more popular mexican tamale or the puerto rican pastel. We usually make them in large batches. 30, 70, 200 hallacas, depends on how many people are willing to serve time in the kitchen for an entire day wrapping portions of masa dough and stewed meat in green plantain leaves. Takes forever and has to be done under the influence of alcohol to make the task bearable. I’m talking 3, 4 sometimes 5 hours, just to wrap the little suckers, back breaking work. Bigger families…

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